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New Report Assessing Mine Tailings Impoundment Design And Safety In BC Transboundary Watershed Headwaters Released

Will Patric : Mar 25.2016

On March 22 a new report was released titled Post-Mount Polley Tailings Dam Safety In Transboundary British Columbia. It assesses best practices – or lack thereof – regarding northwest BC mine tailings design since the catastrophic Mount Polley tailings impoundment failure in 2014.  The BC government promised things would be different following the disaster, but the report unfortunately shows otherwise.  As the downstream demand for measures to safeguard Alaska – BC transboundary watershed salmon habitat grows, it is vital that this continued disregard of best practices relative to tailings management is known.

Dr. Dave Chambers with Center for Science in Public Participation authored the report developed with Earthworks and MiningWatch Canada.  Rivers Without Borders partnered in the project and cultivated support from numerous NGOs signing on.

Links to articles related to the press release describing the report’s findings, and the report itself, are here.

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