A Sustainability Assessment of the Tulsequah Chief Mine and Road Proposal

webmaster : Feb 7.2002

Prepared by David MacKinnon
Jan 7, 2002

The difficulties posed by sustainability are evidenced by the fact that the authors of the first Project Committee Recommendations Report simply excluded it from the document in recommending in favour of the proposal. That glaring omission flew in the face of the explicit purposes of the Environmental Assessment Act and was duly noted first by the Taku River Tlingit First Nation and then by Madame Justice Kirkpatrick in her judicial review of the Tulsequah EA process and the subsequent issuance of a project certificate. The failure to address sustainability concerns was found to be a substantive error by Justice Kirkpatrick, compelling the reconvened Project Committee to meaningfully address a concept that has not been defined in policy or legislation by the provincial government. more>>

Recommendations Regarding Bonding Requirements for the Tulsequah

webmaster : Jan 7.2002

Prepared by TWA Staff

The Tulsequah Chief Mine has several current water quality problems and many potential environmental impacts associated with existing mine workings and proposed plans to re-open the mine. It is critical that the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada adequately calculate a bond amount that will protect the public interest. It is critical that the Province provide a rough calculation of the bonding requirements at this point in the project review so that the full economic costs of the project can be evaluated. There is no use in going forward with a Mine Certification if the necessary bond amount exceeds RedCorp’s ability to pay it. Thus, this is a strategic issue that must be finished before the decision on whether or not to issue a Mine Certification can be rendered. more>>

An Examination of the Reconvened Tulsequah Chief Assessment Process

webmaster : Nov 28.2001

Prepared by John Nelson, Nelson Consulting. November 28, 2001.

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Mining and Sustainability: The Case of the Tulsequah Chief Mine

webmaster : Mar 28.2001

Prepared for Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia by Tom L. Green, M.A. — Ecological Economist (March 28, 2001)

This report develops a model for assessing the compatibility of proposed mines with the requirements of sustainability. The model is then applied to the Tulsequah Chief Mine reopening project proposed by Redcorp Ventures Ltd.

Download the Tom Green report here [PDF]

S.L.D.F. on Tulsequah Chief Mine Road

webmaster : Nov 3.1999

Access provisions in British Columbia’s mining legislation and the proposed decommissioning of the Tulsequah Chief Mine access road – Sierra Legal Defense Fund.

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